Locomotives and rolling stock owned and on long term loans to the loco group.

RSH 0-6-0 Saddle tank locomotive No77 Norwood

Norwood was the first steam locomotive to arrive at the Weardale Railway. It was originally given to the loco group under a 10 year loan agreement from the Bowes Railway in Gateshead. In 2006 the loco group completed the purchase of the locomotive to secure it for eventual use on the Weardale branch.

Norwood was one of the last working steam locomotive in the North East of England. It was based at Gateshead for most of its working life and when finally withdrawn donated to the Bowes Railway.

Currently Norwood is in need of restoration. The loco group are actively fundraising and applying for grants to carryout this task. It is estimated that the cost will be in the region of £90,000.  












 Sentinel Diesel Locomotive 'Tarmac'

Currently on a 10 year loan to the loco group. At the end of the 10 years the group will handed over to the loco group. The locomotive spent its working life at Coxhoe quarry in County Durham.

Over the past two years the locomotive has been the backbone of the railways operation, regularly used on maintenance trains and shunting duties.  












 English Electric 0-6-0 Diesel shunter








The locomotive spent most of its working life at Seal sands near Redcar at the BASF site. The loco was named the death train by employees as it was used to shunt and move cyanide tanks around the site.

The locomotive was donated to the Weardale Locomotive Preservation Group in 2003 for preservation. The locomotive is currently under restoration requiring final cosmetic work.


Whickham Trolley











On long term loan to the Loco group for use on the Weardale Railway. This has been a very useful piece of equipment in recent year's frequently used for permanent way and weed killing duties. It was also used for route knowledge when the line first reopened between Wolsingham and Stanhope.


LMS Brake Van












A long restoration project. A handful of dedicated volunteers have to date almost completely rebuilt this former London Midland & Scotish brakevan, restoring it to its former glory.



The group currently have a few wagons that are used for storage and transportation of materials. This includes box vans and a flat wagon.


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